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Welcome to the Donation Shop.
Remember you are paying/donating for the possession of in game items, rendering of services, donating toward server maintenance, or access to optional content within the game(s), presented by GaurdiaGaming.
Feel free to contact us in game, via e-mail, forums, or any messengers if you have any questions or concerns.
GaurdiaGaming uses PayPal to conduct sales on the Donation/Shop page. However you do not need a PayPal account in order to use the Cart features.

If you wish to ensure a fast transaction, contact us prior or after you have completed a payment.

Blood Pair $15, These two swords allows you to steal the life force of your opponent while fighting.

Left Fire and Ice Swords $15. Complete your Fire or Ice Knight look with these two swords.

Elemental Staff Small Package $50, You get 2 Staffs, Your choice of either Fire, Ice, Wind, or Lightning Staff

Elemental Staff Package $80, You get Fire, Ice, Wind, and Lightning Staff's with this. (Limited Time, Poison Staff included)

Mana and Heal Staff Package $25, You get both Staffs to help you on your adventure.


Quickness Set $35, Do you need to attack quicker? Get the Ring, Belt, and Necklace with this purchase.

Experience Set $35, Need an experience boost? Get the Ring, Belt, and Necklace with this purchase.

Plate Belt $10, You've seen the leather Belt, You've known about the chain belt, now venture your eyes on this. A belt made of of the same matieral as plate armor. This belt should keep your pants up when you venture out into the arenas.

Fortune Set $15, With the Boots of Fortune and a Four Leaf Clover, you ought to come to riches with ease. These items increase monster drop rate by 10% each.

Lucky Charm and Rabbit's Foot $15, Lucky charm allows you a better chance to dodge from monsters with a slight chance against other players while the Rabbit's Foot increases the odds of gaining a skill on most weapon and magic based skills.

Wings $5, Your choice of one of the following wings. Golden, Fire, Frost, Ivory, Poison, or Purple


Horse $10, Get this if your method of travel is to slow for your likings.

Drop of Life $1, Do you have a missing HP?

Water of Life $5, Recover more than just 1 missing HP.

Dragon Flute $10, This flute summons a nasty dragon to aid you in battle.

Silver Thread Bag $10, This will keep your items safe when dieing in battle. You wont drop this.


Last name and/or Title $3, This gives you a new last name or title inside the game.

Name Change $50, This is to change your characters full name. This takes alot of time and requires approval before donating for this.

Tactics Book $20, Depending on your level, these books give you an experience boost Your choice of Beginners (1-300), Advanced (300-500), or Expert (500-700).

Deluxe Vault $10, This gives you access to store 30 additional items at a special vault located on various maps/banks.

These items will change from time to time so please come back and check for more updates!




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