Posted on April 16, 2016 by Barrage

Hey all, server is back up. Not sure how long it was down today or why, looks like maybe a windows update caused the computer to restart.
Either way, had to fix a script error in the server anyway, which is done.

Work is progressing quickly on the next client update. I'm already off work and home so I should get a lot done today as well. Expect a client update in the next day or two.
I'm also going to get to work on recovering Gaurdia: Tactics' server files and hopefully getting it online in the next few days. It's slightly more complicated to set up than RTG.

See you all soon!
Server Downtime
Posted on April 10, 2016 by Barrage

We apologize for the downtime earlier today.
Last night the light from the laptop was keeping us awake so I closed the lid slightly....apparently a little too far. This caused the computer to go to sleep, heh. I had to go meet my family earlier, and Maximus let me know the server was down. So as soon as I was able I returned and put it online. We went ahead and did a server reboot to improve performance while we had less people online.

Everything back to running normally now, we will see you in-game!
New Event Admin Dhalen
Posted on April 07, 2016 by Murdoc

We've added Dhalen to the staff team. I'll be teaching him how to run every event, current and future.

This is to provide you guys with more festive events and fun, while Barrage, Zero and myself can focus more on the development side.

Once Dhalen has been trained on all the events, he'll probably run 1-2 events each day he's on. Be nice to him, he will tell me if anyone gives him troubles!
Client Updates
Posted on March 31, 2016 by Barrage

Hello, everyone!
Just a quick post to keep everyone informed!

We are working on the client update...blacksmith hammers have been fixed, along with a few other equips. I've almost completed the Mithril bomb package, and we are upgrading to Director 12. This should provide us some more security and new features we can use to add new content to the game.

The development laptop is still overheating. It needs a good cleaning, or at least a cooling pad to keep it from shutting down. If anyone would like to donate for us to get one, or to simply send us one they already have, that would be awesome! It would allow us to code new updates much faster. If anyone is interested, just talk to me or another admin. :)

My job is having me go out of town to North Carolina tonight. I will be back sometime either late tomorrow night, or early on Saturday morning. Either way, I will be back as soon as possible. (I hate going out of town :P) Zero and Murdoc should be around though, so you can contact them if you need support, and they will likely hold an event or two until I get back.

Either way, I'll be back soon.
See ya in game!
Client Update
Posted on March 22, 2016 by Barrage

We have just released a new RTG client.
The new official public client version is V3.998X, which contains everything we had in the last official update of V3.998 from before the long server downtime and hard drive failure. It also contains everything I had worked on for V3.999, hence the name V3.998X. It made the most sense to go ahead and release this as the official client, since the only things we are missing between 3.995 and 3.998 is some server code and character data.

Now we can continue from where we left off, and simply replace any missing server code for the new features and content as it presents itself. We had not lost nearly as much as we thought, so consider it a blessing. We will be continuing from EXACTLY where we left off client source code wise. Just gotta back track a little on server code, not very much at all.

We will continue coding from this point, and hope to release either V3.999 or V4.0 very soon. Things we hope to include are Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, and other events. Hopefully we will also include the beginnings of Aether Storm, the long talked about card game project of ours. We are currently compiling all the resources we've had on Aether Storm and hope to have some kind of working model here soon.

I think only a few players were effected by this client update, having already downloaded V3.995 and now needing to update to V3.998X. For everyone else simply download the game client like normal and log in. Remember we are here and available to provide to support to all returning players. We hope to see you all in-game shortly!

P.S. Here is a link to our list of RTG change logs. If you can help us remember or develop any feature we may have "lost" in this transition we would appreciate it. I don't get rid of features, so I don't intend to lose any either! Everything we've had will be replaced or improved upon, and more added! :)
Posted on March 22, 2016 by Barrage

The server is now online! And the client has been uploaded to the website. You can download it now and log right in. Can't wait to see everyone! I'll be online, see ya there!

If you have issues logging in simply contact Zero, Murdoc, or myself, and we will get it straightened out.

We're back!
Client v3.995
Posted on March 22, 2016 by Barrage

The public client version 3.995 is about to be uploaded from the development computer to the website here. We are unpacking the server files as we speak. We expect to have the game online within a few hours, max. At that time we will be available for player support while we work on updates in the background.

I'm home the rest of the day and hope to get a lot done, including reorganizing of game resources and backing things up in several places and on several mediums. Hopefully this will prevent something like this from happening again. See you all in-game!
RTG Server
Posted on March 21, 2016 by Barrage

The RTG server had to be transferred via a backup from TurnerGames servers. As such, it is being transferred overnight and will be brought online in the morning. See you all bright and early, when the baby wakes me up. :)
Welcome back, to the Stage of History!
Posted on March 21, 2016 by Barrage

Welcome back, all!

We are very glad here at GaurdiaGaming/TurnerGames to bring back Return to Gaurdia! For our Gaurdia: Tactics friends, fear not, it will be back very shortly as well. The server computers hard drive was badly damaged, and for that reason RTG is suffering a partial rollback to version 3.995 from 3.998.

Don't worry though, we still have most of the files and code between 995 and 998 (really, 999, which was half done) and it will not take long for us to get back to where we were. Especially with Murdoc and Zero coding along with myself, Barrage.

We are about to turn the RTG server back on, and I'm off work tomorrow and will spend most of the day online answering questions and performing character/account support. We are feverishly working on the website and game servers and clients, and will quickly return to the level we were at and beyond. By partnering even more fully with TurnerGames than we had in the past, we will add even more security and update-ability to our games and your accounts.

This also means we will be producing new updates and content more quickly than we had in the past. We encourage all former players AND staff to return and help us return to glory. We will be making the version 3.995 client available here, of course, for immediate login to the public official server. We are also in the process of reorganizing all our game and server resources and data and backing it up to prevent this level of hardware failure from occuring and effecting us as deeply as it has.

This is still good though, it gives us an opportunity to revisit what we had done most recently so we can more accurately continue from where we left off. I know we've been gone a long time, life took me strange places. I've recently had a child, and calmed my life.

I am now more dedicated to the games and company than ever before. We look forward to you all growing with us. Not only are we bringing back and expanding on RTG and GT, but also the TurnerGames line of games, and our new joint projects. Look forward to great things from us very soon. As for people looking to join our staff, give us time to determine what current staff we have that will be returning, and we will see what openings we need to fill. See you all soon! :D
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